“Liam’s passion and pursuit of excellence on the guitar is evident in his performances.
Great feel and an authentic tone. Check him out!!”

Jamie Humphries
(Brian May, Queen, Jeff Beck, Lick Library)
“brother can play the blues…great to hear a guitarist has has obviously spent
time over has instrument… keep it up”

Lena Cullen
(Singer, Songwriter)
“The thing I really admire about Liam’s songwriting is that not only do you get
lost in the amazing, soaring melodies of his guitar – but the whole
song takes you to another planet. For those few minutes you’re in, the
drums, the keyboards and every other little addition is another part of
a different world you’ve been brought to solely to enjoy the atmosphere
the music is creating.”

Calum Doris
(Bad Luck)
I love the ‘bendy’ feel of the playing and above all the timing of the notes.
Sometimes less is more, Liam nail’s it perfectly. Good to know someone
is flying the Gilmour flag with a modern approach. Take it to the next
level Liam.”

Billy Rankin
(The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Nazareth)
He plays the guitar how it should be played with soul,grace and effortless

(The King Blues)
you my friend are a damn fine guitar player …..”
Manny Charlton
(Manny Charlton Band, Nazareth)
Liam Creedon has a lovely feel to his guitar playing. It’s delicious”
Durga Mcbroom
(Pink Floyd, Blue Pearl)